Halloween Fatality: 2022 Limited Edition Halloween Release

Smoking J’s Fiery Foods is back with another Limited Edition Halloween Release.  Our 2022 “Fatality Hot Sauce” features a double ground Fatalii Pepper Puree spiked with an unlucky number 13 Million SHU Pure Capsaicin Crystal.  This sauce has been filled into a 12 oz. Clear Glass Skull and then hand dipped and sealed with 3 layers of wax (black, gold, black).  This set is limited to only 25 bottles which are all signed and numbered.  This sauce will leave you helpless in the face of a fate you dare not desire.

Each Limited Edition Skull bottle also comes with a 5 oz. Taster bottle so that you can try the sauce while also preserving your collectable.

Price: $45.00 (Includes Limited Edition Waxed Skull Bottle, 5 oz. Taster Bottle)

Ingredients: Fatalii Pepper, Vinegar, 13 mil Capsaicin, Vitamin C Powder


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Weight 2.45 lbs